Group Training

Group Training program at SOS Fitness combines the science based programming of 1:1  training with the fun, motivating and supportive atmosphere of Group Training.

You will burn upwards of 500 calories in during our 30 min workouts that are designed to strip fat away and build muscle. We implement the most effective training methods using kettlebells, barbells, TRX, sandbags, & more.These methods combined with constantly refreshed playlist to keep you oving create an atmosphere for amazing results.

The social aspect is the highlight of small group training. Research shows that social support motivates people during their works out, but is also creates accountability. Your “accountability buddies” play a major role in keeping you consistent with your training schedule. An evolving social environment provides new stimulus that will improve your ability and growth. For some it may add some healthy competition, for others, it’s a greater sense of belonging.


Our signature group  class for those whose main goal is weight loss. Sculpt combines resistance training, aerobics, and core work in a unique way. All exercises are modifiable to suit all levels of ability, along with being refreshed daily so no two sessions are alike.


Our advanced class for ladies that focuses on glutes, legs, and abs. Workouts are designed to strengthen, lift, tighten and tone through intense functional training. Workouts end with H.I.T cardio infused with good music for a total body burner.

Semi Private

Semi Private training provides a more personalized experience in an intimate group setting. For those who have ailing joints and special request Semi Private is the best option for you. The small setting will allow our trainers to tend to your specific needs.


Unlimited Training: $117/mo

3x Per Week: $97/mo

10 Class: $75

5 Class Pass: $40

Drop In: Starting at $10