1:1 Personal Training

At SOS we understand that every client is different. Our personal training program embodies that notion and we create a program tailored to your needs. No cookie cutter programs here, you get exactly what you need for your body type and goals. It begins with an detailed assessment measuring body fat, fitness level, dietary habits and goals. Our experienced trainers then create a action plan that details your specific goals and how we will reach them.


Working out is a random approach to fitness without any direction towards specifics goals. At SOS we TRAIN, which is a carefully crafted plan targeted at specific results. We are very intentional with what we do and leave nothing to chance. Workouts are derived from science based principles and no guesswork. Working with a trainer 1:1 allows you to address each goal thoroughly, providing the appropriate detail and attention. This ensures that if you do the work, you will get the results you want.

Is 1:1 Training right for me?

Personal training is geared towards those with deadlines and very specific goals. Your trainer will narrow in on those deadlines and move your program along as needed. Examples include, Military training, sport specific, and show prep to name a few. Contact us now to set up a strategy meeting and get those results!

Sign up today for your free consultation where we sit down and get to know you. We go over what you desire to accomplish and develop a specific strategy to achieve your goals that includes. We also perform a movement screen to identify areas that need attention to create your customized program.


Our signature small group  class for those whose main goal is weight loss. Sculpt combines resistance training, aerobics, and core work in a unique way. All exercises are modifiable to suit all levels of ability, along with being refreshed daily so no two exercises are alike.


Our advanced class for ladies that focuses on glutes, legs, and abs. Workouts are designed to strengthen, lift, tighten and tone through intense functional training. Workouts end with H.I.T cardio infused with good music for a total body burner.


For (13+) looking to take their game to the next level. An offseason program designed to get you in the best shape for upcoming competition. You will get bigger, faster, and stronger with the assistance of you certified strength coach.


$97 per month 3x per week (recurring)     

$117 unlimited Training  (recurring)   

$40 Five Class Pass